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We work in a pretty flexible environment partially locally in Prague office, partially remotely. The team of ~10 developers is composed of mid-senior to senior developers who are focusing on readable long-term maintainable code covered by automatic tests.

Currently we are working on 3 long-term complex apps as full-stack teams. In general we are mainly focusing on web and mobile apps. We are in the stage of planning to kick off an internal project. We are also helping our clients with technical recruitment, occasionally do a bit of machine learning, and general software development consultancy.

We have also worked on several start-up / prototype projects. New projects usually give us opportunity to learn more about a specific domain, and learn some of new technologies that fit the needs.

Check our home page to learn more about our credo.

Key skills and approaches we expect:

  1. care about the code – readable, minimalistic, functional
  2. care about the design – both architecture and usability
  3. responsibility
  4. interest in what we are doing and who’s using it
  5. interest in a reasonable subset of technologies we are using
  6. good solution ≥ my solution (team tries to produce a higher quality than every member can)
  7. spoken Czech is not a must, English is good enough

What else you will find in our team:

  1. open-minded colleagues
  2. good salary
  3. engineering is the absolute core of our interest
  4. direct relationships both inside and outside of the company

If you are interested in working together, just get in touch with Jan.


Jan Walter / CEO and founder
+420 777 319 931