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What we do for you

We are Software Engineers who care about quality of the apps you need. Either it’s a feasibility prototype or a long-term goal, we go to the point, and write production-quality code any other developer can contribute to.


Browser is the operating system of the future, its ecosystem is huge, and we love both algorithms and user interface.

We build functional and usable mobile and web apps.

Code quality is essential for long-term projects, the effort we put into writing always pays off.

Solutions should be as complex as the problem they solve. That’s why we love Occam’s razor and KISS principles.



Our favourite languages and platforms are JavaScript, TypeScript, Python and SQL.


We focus on web, mobile and progressive web apps – imagine native apps running in the browser.

Typically, we use Angular, React, Vue.js, Django, or Flutter, yet have experience with many other technologies.

We limit the number of technologies used to the minimum, use common code, or generate code we do not need to write, and share a code base among apps running on different platforms.


If you want a fast prototype, we focus on the core of the problem and the speed of delivery.

If you want a complex and sustainable solution, we focus on quality and innovation.

The user of the software is always in the centre, and we need to understand his or her story. We think ahead, and produce code that will continue to run for years, and that any new developer can contribute to without complex training.

Code readability is the key, it’s always reviewed by at least 2 developers.

As a vendor we are always ready to pass the code on to someone else = no vendor lock-in.

The functionality of the software is covered by automatic tests that give you a guarantee of quality, and developers the freedom to make systematic changes if needed.


Decisions have a technical basis

We always make common decisions with the client. They need to be on point, and have to be realistic in terms of technical possibilities.

Focus on engineering and product

We focus on engineering while in direct touch with the product vision.

Minimize managerial overhead

Although we have also worked in diverse managerial roles, as engineers we are sure code and functionality are always the best argument.


We have built or contributed to the following projects


The new iteration of the biggest auction portal in the Czech Republic.


A language exercise book for Czech language learners learning Czech in the Czech language. Words, definitions, and morphology for both youngsters and adults.


Large web app for complex financial advisory with many modules and 3rd-party integrations.

Delivery Centre for Makro

An internal tool for processing orders coming to the new delivery centre.


Redesign and rework of the UI of a very complex DMS used by 100s of public institutions like Czech State Social Security Administration, biggest health insurance company, hospitals, and municipalities.


An internal project management tool used in Google corp.


Jan Walter

I will always do it right

  • from top management to trench work
  • ex-Google, HPE, Solera, Mediaresearch (now Nielsen), Gemius, and others
  • loves minimalism, UI, generators
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, Python, Angular
  • plays drums in a noise rock band

Pavel Zemek

I will always focus on detail

  • IT consultant and programmer
  • ex-Aukro, Alza, Mall
  • loves intuitive UI
  • TypeScript, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js
  • enjoys hiking, swimming, cooking

Michal Kraus

I will always believe that everything is possible

  • programmer
  • ex-DataSys, ICZ
  • loves new technologies
  • JavaScript, Angular, Java, SQL
  • cooking, playing guitar

Petr Koucký

I will always find the way

  • software engineer, you know? engineer!
  • ex-Ambica, Compass-Communication, DataSys
  • loves deep thinking
  • Angular, Java, SQL
  • card games, running, cooking

Kamila Varadzinová

I will always be on the user’s side

  • digital product designer with more than 10 years of work in UI and UX
  • ex-Ataccama, Deloitte Digital, ČRo, LMC, Symbio
  • solving complex technical problems via easy-to-use UI
  • focuses on ergonomics of workflows
  • architecture, running, handicrafts

Jaroslav Soldát

I will always look for the heart of the matter

  • diploma in wires, semiconductors, CPUs, assembler, networks, simulation, AI
  • built networks – LAN, WAN, and neural ones, built computers and their clusters
  • JavaScript is Force, TypeScript is Order, CSS is a disaster
  • Lin/Win/Mac, simulation, virtualization
  • …and what about the human? the river is a friend, the river knows

Zdeněk Haták

I will always strive for quality result

  • self-taught former coder, evolved to the top-notch front-end developer
  • accents quality and clean UI
  • hates bureaucracy in any form
  • Angular, Typescript, front-end stuff generally
  • loves playing futnet and drinking Pilsner-like beer, house owner & DIYer

Karolína Volfíková

I always keep the sight of the big picture

  • FEE CTU student with focus on signal processing
  • passionate about studying brain signals in connection with psychiatry
  • working on a promotion and business development of SWEHQ
  • Python, MATLAB, C, R
  • loves to hike in the mountains, play the piano and hang out with friends

Jan Šmíd

I will always get it done

  • software engineer
  • ex-Sky, Telia, Datashed, Be a Future, Tradesports
  • machines > humans
  • Node.JS, TypeScript, React.js
  • bicycles of any kind, hiking, orcharding, camping

Jakub Rada

I will always strive to do it perfectly

  • FEE CTU student of computer science with focus on artificial intelligence
  • optimization, minimalism, precision, clean UI
  • C/C++, Julia, Python, JS/TS, Dart
  • ex-researcher at CIIRC CVUT
  • loves running, reading, hiking in the mountains


We collaborate with people who have proven their skills in the field.
We know them personally, and value them as both professionals and humans.
They are all verified developers.

We will never sell unknown people and work we would not sign in our blood.

We are no anonymous bodyshop.



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