We built or contributed to the following projects

Collaboration tool

Sometimes communication can be a mess. For years, we have been building an easy-to-use, intuitive and efficient companion that helps everybody stay on the same page.

Crowd ownership platform

Solutions for democratic ownership and management of companies. Philosophical concept and idealistic vision for everyone interested in an alternative to global corporation. Sharing projects in communities that, as sovereign units without owners having majority, can democratically manage and own themselves.


Czech language exercise book for foreigners learning Czech in Czech. Words, definitions, morphology for both youngsters and adults.

Swagger Angular Generator

Open-source project that makes communication between server and web/mobile client in the same language via generation of minimalistic TypeScript API layer for Angular with full type reflection of backend model.

Numerus 2

An innovative logic game as a mobile and web app.

Delivery Centre for Metro

An internal tool for processing orders coming to the new delivery centre.


A new generation of fully integrated platforms for automotive insurance claims management.

The new iteration of the biggest auction portal in the Czech Republic.


Frontend lead: Angular + NativeScript multiplatform project


An internal project management tool used in Google corp.

HPE Propel

Meta eshop integrating service delivery for huge corporations.


Redesign and rework of the UI of a very complex DMS used by 100s of public institutions like Czech State Social Security Administration, biggest health insurance company, hospitals, and municipalities.


Large web app for complex financial advisory with many modules and 3rd-party integrations.